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Its me!

Hello all, my name is Belanja Robinson and this is my second year at North Texas Collegiate Academy. I have a little over 16 years working with Pre-K students and I just love teaching them and watching the grow. When I am not teaching, I am spending time with my AMAZING husband of 4 years and our 4 beautiful children. I enjoy reading, skating, decorating, cooking, and karaoke. I am looking forward to meeting your little ones and giving them a safe environment where they will learn lots and lots of great things and have fun while doing so. I am excited at what’s in store for us all. Welcome to Pre-K!


Birthday: May 16

Favorite Color: Mauve

Favorite Snack: Pickled Veggies

Favorite Drink: Flavored Water

Favorite Candy: Chocolate Caramel

***Allergic to CITRUS***