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Coach Tate

Hello Lewisville Lions, my name is Randy Tate, I enjoy reading, writing screen plays,playing music with various bands and running a karaoke show here in the DFW metro area. I'm the Music and P.E coach here at the south campus. I'm so excited to teach our students this upcoming school year, I'm excited to teach them musical skills that I have learned over the years being on the road! I also enjoy staying in shape and helping others stay in shape, P.E is a great way for me to share the knowledge that I have obtained over the years about fitness and health. I believe education is (KEY) to your success! I have attended Texas Tech University and now currently seeking a degree from Ashford University in Psychology. Here at N.T.C.A we have a bully prevention program that I have the pleasure being the liaison. I use a lot of my psychology knowledge to speak to our students about bullying and dealing with stress. I am also an ear when they need someone to listen and  seek advice. I help motivate our students in the morning, with motivational speeches and quotes! I am a firm believer that, we are only as strong as the teacher in our lives, I strive to be that teacher that is all ways a positive influence, knowledgeable and that is also resourceful. I have been with North Texas Collegiate Academy  going on 6 years, teaching music and P. E and it has been great, thus far! We have put on production plays here at our campus and music concerts for our parents. Our P.E program is awesome! We teach health on how to stay in shape. We also learn all major sports, Basketball, football, soccer, volleyball ect...  We look forward in competing against our north and east campuses in soccer, basketball and volleyball. I love teaching our students and pouring into them, lastly bringing their talents to life.