Character Traits

Our character education program has 4 primary goals:

1)  to promote and model use of respectful language,

2)  to build relationships of acceptance and respect for diversity,

3)  to manage student behavior, and

4)  to encourage perseverance, consistency, and integrity in our attitudes and actions.

Each week is a new trait.  The trait for each week is listed below.

January 25:  Unity
February 1:  Service
February 8:  Responsibility
February 15:  Generosity
February 22:  Helpfulness
March 1:  Courtesy
March 15:  Diligence
March 22:  Cooperation
March 29:  Flexibility
April 5: Forgiveness
April 12: Perseverance
April 25: Humility
May 3: Understanding
May 10: Trustworthiness
May 17: Loyalty
May 23: Review of Character Traits