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About Me

Beginning of a new school year!
Such an exciting time of the year!
I love going in to office supply stores to get new pens, pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks...
I have missed seeing the students this summer.
They truly are a joy and blessing to me.
Students happy faces make me smile.
So excited to see each of you at Meet the Parent Night
and the first day of school for breakfast!
Students and I will be working everyday to master and learn new skills.
We will focus on Math and Reading skills needed for successful lives.
It is such an exciting time of year as I anticipate the awesome progress students will make.
I love being part of the North Campus.
Families are such a wonderful support for staff and students.
I am filled with joy as this wonderful school year begins.
Gooooo Jaguars!!!!!
I have been in the education field for 27 years. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with emphasis in English Language Arts and a Master's degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Deaf Ed. through New Mexico State University. I have taught in New Mexico, California, and Texas.
I am a single parent of three adult children. My daughter completed her second Bachelors degree last year in Early Childhood Education and is currently working on additional credentialing courses. She and her husband both work at Disneyland. My oldest son is an independent contract for an entertainment laser tag company. It amazes me as I hear him training clients on using the programs without looking at his computer. My youngest son is with a local church ministry and is working on a degree through New Hampshire State University. His wife is working at a day care facility in the North Dallas area.
I am excited to work with families and students in my teaching position again this year. It will be so wonderful to meet many you face to face during our various activities this year.

Please let me know how I may serve you as you work with your children.
Annette Wims
Ms. Annette Wims
Special Service Team
North Campus
Jaguar Pride
I was somebody when
I came here
I'll be a better somebody
when I leave
I am powerful and
I deserve the education
that I get here
I have things to do, people to impress, and places to go!
I WILL further my
education and become a lifelong learner!
I will follow my dreams and PERSEVERE!
Gooooo Jaguars!!!!!