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Our curriculum, designed around Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills as well as the "College and Career Readiness Standards" for Texas, is a blended approach in which project-based learning is partnered with technology and small-group instruction.  In grades Pre-K through 4, we have media centers that each class can visit daily to incorporate technology into their foundation subjects.  Grades 5-8 are 1-to-1, meaning every student is issued a device and the Google Classroom platform is implemented across the curriculum. 


One interesting feature about our schools is that we do not assign homework.  We strongly believe that if each minute of the instructional day is used appropriately, then homework is not necessary.  We know that our families are busy and our students deserve time to just play and be kids in the evenings.  We adopted this policy 4 years ago and our state assessment scores have increased every year since!  


Our STEM program consists of many hands-on and engaging projects in engineering, robotics, video-game design, movie creation, etc   This is not required for all students, but these classes are very popular electives in grades 5-8. 


Grades 1-4 have rotating clubs throughout the year in which students participate in a wide variety of activities from creative writing to art and music. 


Character education is a huge part of the NTCA program.  Every class, every day, in every grade level starts the school day with a character trait lesson focusing on our district character trait of the week.  Without character, academic knowledge is of little benefit.  We know that instilling values and ethics in our students, coupled with our strong academic program, equips them for life long success.  

Our character education program has 4 primary goals:

            (1) to promote and model use of respectful language,

            (2) to build relationships of acceptance and respect for diversity,

            (3) to manage student behavior, and

            (4) to encourage perseverance, consistency, and integrity in our attitudes and actions.

To view our current character education calendar, see below.




We provide an academically rigorous college-preparatory curriculum to ensure that our students are prepared for success in high school and college.  Our students are accountable for the same high-stakes assessments as any other public school in Texas.  The difference is that we do not focus on those tests.  We believe that if every day of instruction is rigorous, well-planned, and relevant, the our students will perform above the standard on state tests. We allow these tests to show how well our students have mastered the standards for each grade level and subject area.