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Character Education

Character Education is a fundamental part of our NTCA program!

Every class, every day, in every grade level, starts the school day with a character trait lesson focusing on our district character trait of the week.  Without character, academic knowledge is of little benefit.  We know that instilling values and ethics in our students, coupled with our strong academic program, equips them for life long success.

Our character education program has 4 primary goals:  1)  to promote and model use of respectful language,  2)  to build relationships of acceptance and respect for diversity, 3)  to manage student behavior, and 4)  to encourage perseverance, consistency, and integrity in our attitudes and actions.

School Year 2020 / 2021 Weekly Character Traits 
A few of our Character Traits!
I am honest because I want people to know that I am truthful and trustworthy. I admit my mistakes and I do not pretend to be something that I am not. I do not need to impress others by misleading them because I am good enough just like I am.
Being forgiving is giving someone another chance after they have done something wrong. I know that everyone makes mistakes. Instead of taking revenge, I will make amends. I forgive myself when I make a mistake and I keep changing for the better. 
Sticking to something or staying committed to something no matter how long it takes or what obstacles try to stop me. I finish what I start. I do not quit. 
I am humble because I do not act as if I am more important than anyone else. I am happy to serve others and I think that other people's needs are important. I am not perfect, and I do not expect anyone else to be. I do not judge others and I learn from my mistakes. 
I show compassion to other people. I forgive people for their mistakes because I have an understanding heart. 
People can count on me to do my best and to keep my word. I will do what I say, even if it becomes really hard. Others can be sure of me and I can be sure of myself. 
Staying true to someone. It is standing up for something I believe in. I am loyal because I stay committed to people or to things that I believe in, even when other people do not. 
I am determined by focusing my energy and efforts on a task and then sticking to it until it is finished. I do things even when they are not easy so that I can meet my goals.