High-Quality After-School Program 2022-2023 School Year Parent/Guardian Contract

orth Texas Collegiate Academy (NTxCA) is pleased to offer a high-quality after-school program for its students at no cost to parents.  This is a grant-funded opportunity to provide extra academic, social, emotional, and physical enrichment for our students.

·         The program will be offered from dismissal time through 6:30PM on regular school days. The after-school program is not offered on school holidays, bad weather days, or days when other emergencies may prevent us from safely hosting it.

·         The program is only offered to students who are currently enrolled at NTxCA.

·         Snacks and high-quality academic support in Math and Reading will be provided daily from 3:30-4:30; this academic support will be provided in small groups or digitally using state-approved High Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM).  This is designed to be meaningful and engaging. This is not STAAR tutoring; every student will be assessed at the beginning of the program to establish a baseline for performance in Math and Reading; HQIM will then be used to help each student build on their own skills.  Parents will receive progress updates periodically.

·         On various days per the online calendar, each campus will host enrichment activities from 4:30-5:30 during the after-school program.  Students must attend the hour of academic support from 3:30-4:30 in order to participate in the enrichment activities.  The dates, ages, and other participation rules for enrichment activities are set by the providers and NTxCA cannot override them.

·         Students who do not participate in enrichment activities but need supervised after-school care will stay under the supervision of NTxCA staff to enjoy games, activities, crafts, and other projects.

·         Enrichment activities will end by 5:30PM each day but the after-school program will serve students until 6:30PM to provide parents/guardians ample time to pick up their children. Bus transportation is not provided after enrichment activities.

Please note 3 key expectations:

1.       The Student Code of Conduct is in place during the after-school program.  Students who repeatedly violate the code of conduct will not be allowed to continue participation in the after-school program. The principal’s decisions are final.

2.       Students who are registered for enrichment activities hosted during the after-school program are expected to engage in the activities in an appropriate and faithful manner.  Because we have a limited number of spaces available for each enrichment activity, students who do not participate appropriately or who have excessive absences from the program will forfeit their spot.

3.       Parents must pick up their children by 6:30PM.  The first late arrival after 6:30PM will result in a mandatory parent-principal conference.  Students may not attend the after-school program until the conference has been conducted.  The second late arrival after 6:30PM will result in suspension of after-school program attendance privileges for the remainder of the semester.